Who We Are


Charles Sauer is an economist and policy specialist. On Capitol Hill he is known for developing common sense solutions and effective legislative coalitions. He is a respected leader in Washington DC and frequently relied on as a policy expert. He has spent time on Capitol Hill, he has worked for a Governor, and represented an academic think tank. He has been published on Entrepreneur.com, Fox Business, the Daily Caller, and Women Entrepreneur in addition to writing congressional testimony and speeches for politicians, business owners, and academics.

Distinguished Fellow/Advocate/Board Member

Dr. Terry Neese started her entrepreneurial career 30+ years ago. Her personnel firm, Terry Neese Personnel Services, has found careers for more than 25,000 individuals and generated over $2.7 billion in payroll to her community. Terry was the national president of National Association of Women Business Owners, the largest women’s association of its kind, and founded Women Impacting Public Policy and the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (formerly WIPP Institute). By testifying before congress and making Capitol Hill visits to their elected officials, women entrepreneurs are finding their political voice because of Terry.


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