Amplifying Voices and Taking Action

The Market Institute is dedicated to bringing free market pro-growth policies to Capitol Hill. We work with non-profit charities, associations, membership organizations, and private businesses to amplify their work by informing elected officials and Capitol Hill staff. Maintaining a constant presence on Capitol Hill should be a significant portion of any organization concerned about public [...]

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More About Us


Who Do We Work With

We work with groups on a variety of issues including health care, taxes, regulations, and basic economic education. By hosting events and meeting with staff and elected officials we help create a better understanding about the economic, moral, and real world effects of public policy.   PiPAC is a non-partisan and non-connected Federal political action [...]

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Who We Are

President Charles Sauer is an economist and policy specialist. On Capitol Hill he is known for developing common sense solutions and effective legislative coalitions. He is a respected leader in Washington DC and frequently relied on as a policy expert. He has spent time on Capitol Hill, he has worked for a Governor, and represented an [...]

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