Market Institute President Charles Sauer is out with a new op-ed in the Washington Examiner looking at the politicization of the corona virus pandemic. Unions in particular have become highly politicized.

“Notably, if they want to keep taking dues from their members, unions need to give their members a reason, and so, they focus on partisan politics. They charge workers dues and oftentimes negotiate the terms of labor contracts that simply make themselves look good, all to fuel their bureaucracy and Democratic Party. We have seen just how entangled unions are with the party, as Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris makes the circuit authoring pro-labor, pro-Democratic editorials with national union leadership for outlets such as CNN and the Detroit News.

What we are seeing in the midst of a global pandemic is truly frightening. Teachers unions are threatening strikes, suing state officials, and making unrealistic demands in labor negotiations that put the education of our children at risk. Aside from that, the Service Employees International Union launched a $150 million nationwide campaign focused on defeating President Trump. Rather than advocating for meaningful policies to protect the health and safety of front-line workers, unions like the United Food and Commercial Workers have continued to put politics before the best interest of members and instead focused their efforts on demanding the indefinite reinstatement of “hazard pay.”

The economic recovery will not truly begin until union officials start being reasonable in their demands.

“We need businesses like grocers competing with each other. We don’t need unions holding them all back. Employers should be able to increase wages and decrease wages with these ups and downs, with the understanding that employees are free to come and go with those ups and downs.

For now, though, the unions need to get out of the way of the pandemic recovery. Essential workers have faced enough challenges this year. They don’t need unions blocking progress and playing politics at their expense.”

For the full piece by Charles Sauer head over to the Washington Examiner by clicking here.

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