The Market Institute’s Charles Sauer is out with a new Op-ed in the Washington Examiner looking at legislation on “Surprise Billing.” In the midst of intense negotiations on a phase 4 coronavirus relief bill, a debate is brewing over the inclusion of a ‘fix’ to the issue of surprise billing.

“Surprise billing is back in the mix, and if the fixes are anything like we have seen from the key congressional committees in the past, they are top-down solutions that give the insurance industry the ability to decide if patients will have access to doctors or not.”

While Sauer has long taken the position price controls are not the right answer to this issue, he is not alone in that regard.

“The American Medical Association and 114 specialty and state societies, representing hundreds of thousands of physicians, took a strong stand last Wednesday in an impressive letter with a conclusion that now is not the time to adopt divisive surprise billing legislation.”

Sauer believes Congress should “stay focused on COVID-19 and economic recovery instead of price controls and breaking the healthcare industry.”

Read the rest of Charles Sauer’s piece in the Washington Examiner by clicking here.