• 70 Conservative Groups Oppose Lina Khan’s War on Mergers and Acquisitions
    Seventy conservative organizations have come together to address a pressing concern, culminating in a joint letter directed towards Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan. In this letter, they express their strong reservations and concerns regarding the proposed policies under her leadership. Specifically, these policies have been described as highly […]
  • Coalition Letter on Debt Limit
    Today, sixteen organizations representing taxpayer, limited government, and free market interests sent a letter to members of congress signaling their support for the Fiscal Responsibility Act, encouraging members to support the pro-taxpayer bill when it comes before a House vote.  On May 29th, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the White House […]
  • Coalition Voices Support of Small Business Legislation
    The Market Institute has signed onto a letter with other free market organizations in support of the recently introduced Save the Local Business Act. This important legislation would protect our nation’s job creators against executive branch overreach that would upend workplace relationships nationwide, exacerbate staffing shortages, and add crippling legal […]
  • Coalition Sounds the Alarm on the Left’s Antitrust Agenda
    The Market Institute joined a letter headed by the Competitiveness Coalition to U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging their respective caucuses to hold the line on harmful antitrust legislation, like the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S. 2992) and the Open […]
  • Coalition Opposing Increased Government Interference in Rail Operations
    The Market Institute joined a letter opposing the misleadingly named Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act, which would increase government interference in freight rail operations.izing of antitrust laws by Congress. You can view the letter here or below.

  • The Market Institute Submits Comment to NIH
    The National Institutes of Health has asked the public to submit written comments responding to a Workshop on Transforming Discoveries into Products: Maximizing NIH’s Levers to Catalyze Technology Transfer. See comment below: More innovation is fairly easy – create the right incentives For good or bad – people, businesses, investors, […]
  • Patent Pirates, Not Patent Trolls, Are Hurting Our Economy
    Market Institute President Charles Sauer has a new article in RealClear Policy looking at what drives an innovative economy and what hurts it. “For years, special interests have used the specter of the so-called “patent troll” in their never-ending attempt to vilify innovators and undermine the patent system. This campaign was done to advance the agenda of […]
  • The Pendulum Is Swinging Toward Innovation
    After huddling in our caves for a year – the world is coming to life again. That will be good for the economy, it will be good for everyone’s mental health, but most importantly it will likely mean a boom in innovation. The problem is that until the Trump Administration […]
  • Boring Biden takes on Innovation
    Market Institute President Charles Sauer has a new piece out in the Washington Examiner on a new executive order by the Biden administration on mergers and acquisitions. “Compared to the craziness and unpredictability of the last administration, the Biden administration is fairly calm. One might say it’s even boring. But […]
  • Biden Should Respect Vaccine Makers’ Patent Rights
    Market Institute President Charles Sauer has a new piece in RealClear Policy on patent rights. The White House recently issued a patent waiver for Covid-19 vaccines. Here’s an excerpt of Sauer’s article: “President Biden recently made what the Wall Street Journal referred to as the worst single Presidential decision since Nixon’s […]
  • World IP Day
    World Intellectual Property Day 2021 shines a light on the critical role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the economy and how they can use intellectual property (IP) rights to build stronger, more competitive and resilient businesses.  The Market Institute is pleased to sign the ad below celebrating World IP Day […]