Today, sixteen organizations representing taxpayer, limited government, and free market interests sent a letter to members of congress signaling their support for the Fiscal Responsibility Act, encouraging members to support the pro-taxpayer bill when it comes before a House vote. 

On May 29th, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the White House reached a debt ceiling agreement with the Fiscal Responsibility Act, a spending reduction package which would deliver consequential budget savings, fiscal controls, permitting reform, and claw back unused COVID funds. 

They write: 

“Efforts that reduce spending are uncommon in Washington. These are rare moments that should be supported. This agreement will make an impact in moving the needle to improve the federal government’s finances.”

While the signers recognize the bill is imperfect, they argue it will deliver meaningful results in addressing our nation’s fiscal trajectory.

Read the full letter below along with a list of organizations that have signed.


Download PDF here.

Download DOC here.